For Jennifer Beinhacker‘s third Artomatic she is showing an entirely new body of work. She usually works in acrylic/collage/box art assemblage/shrines/altars and this year she will be showing her new series in water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood.

Beinhacker has never worked in pastel prior to this and says the pastel work was a reflection of a trip she took to West Africa in 2008.

Beinhacker says: “I am quite pleased with how the pastel art pieces have turned out. Although the people that are represented in these pieces are ones I’ve used before they have never been used in quite this way. By that i mean, so ‘cheerful!’ Normally my art is rather dark, has lots of grim figures, blood, etc., but these pieces practically sparkle with intense colors…I am now quite addicted to working in pastels and work in my studio every day. In a way I have Artomatic to thank for my ‘new’ art.”

How do you feel about taking part in the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic? “I think the 10th anniversary is a perfect time for all of us at Artomatic to look back, reflect, enjoy the memories, enjoy and relish the ‘anniversary.’

I went to two Artomatics (before joining as an artist). My first Artomatic, I attended as general public. Although I had read about AOM in the newspaper I was not prepared for my reaction/experience to AOM. I was amazed, awed, absolutely in love with all that I saw. The sheer numbers of artists and their talented expression of their art won my heart!

I eagerly attended my next AOM. Again delight and joy. At that point I decided that I, as an artist, wanted to be part of this great happening.

The best/biggest ‘benefit’ for me of Artomatic is all the wonderful friends I have made. When I first started I knew no one and now there are so many artists I am pleased to call friends. For me Artomatic is all about the community of fellow AOM artists.

Although I had been making art all my life and had been in many art shows I wasn’t sure that i considered myself “artist”. After Artomatic ’07 I was able to quite proudly call myself artist. This was a result, not just of work sold, shows in galleries that resulted from aom, etc., but mainly due to the feedback and caring  I received from my fellow Artomatic artists.”

Why should an Artomatic visitor make the special trip to visit your space? “If an art loving person is interested in a thought provoking  experience with the ‘traditional’ medium of pastels used in a fresh, new and exciting way, then my art space at Artomatic, 9th floor, 9-04-P-1, will certainly reward. Pastels are normally thought of as the medium for fruit, flowers, other assorted still life, landscapes. However I have taken pastels to the next level and beyond. My pastels, done on cardboard and framed on painted wood, are an expression of all that encompasses the cutting edge of today’s art scene.

My art has redefined the classic painting statement. This is a constant source of delight, opening up depth, range and texture. I express myself using materials as a total gestalt, creating images from the turmoil of my mind.

As a self taught artist I sometimes find myself struggling with ‘how to.’ Not having formal art training allows me to create, not just through ‘trial and error,’ but also without any preconceived notions of ‘how it must be done.’ Using my own techniques affords me the advantage of creating in innovative ways.

I work in many media: acrylic, watercolor, collage and now pastel. I use objects and materials not just as a tool but often as the end result itself. I am a devotee of found objects and street trash. Found objects, bones, teeth, blood, concrete, glass, other pieces of street trash find homes in my art. There is no object I can resist and bring to my studio, where it waits…a silent muse…for my next art piece.

I could call my art outsider, visionary, raw, collagist, folk, emerging, but the word that best defines me and what I do is artist.

Where can we see your work next? “My work can be next viewed at Viridian Artists Gallery in New York from June 30 to July 17. This is my second recent showing in New York. This, the twentieth international juried exhibited was juried by Elizabeth Sussman, curator at the Whitney Museum, New York.”

You can see Jennifer Beinhacker’s work on the 9th floor at 9-04-P-1.