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For Jamie Wimberly‘s first Artomatic show, he is showing five pieces which represent part of a series called “Provocations.”

Wimberly explains: “I make constructions using found objects and an iconic treatment of a central figure (the red-headed woman.) The work increasingly references art itself (thus, the whole provocations thing), almost as a reliquary to the past but also pointing to the next period of important art.”

Although this is Wimberly’s first Artomatic show, he has been working in DC as an artist for approximately ten years. Wimberly says that his work has been well received over the years — Wimberly has shown at many galleries in town and was represented by the Fraser Gallery in the past.

How do you feel about taking part in the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic? “After visiting and enjoying Artomatic in years past, this is actually my first time to show my work. I am excited to be in the show this year, especially to interact with the other artists. Making art in DC can be an isolating experience. Kudos to the artists and organizers who have kept the flame alive for ten years!”

Why should an Artomatic visitor make the special trip to visit your space? “The work tends to stand out and attract attention. The pieces are meant to be enjoyed visually but also make you think for a minute. I hope that people find that the work represents the standards that I hold to be true around aesthetics, spirituality, art history, and craftsmanship. Finally, there are some new pieces that have never been shown before. I am interested in hearing people’s reaction.”

Where can we see your work next? “Good question. I am hoping that Artomatic may lead to some other opportunities to show my work, including the possibility of gallery representation again in DC.”

You can see Jamie Wimberly at Artomatic on the second floor, around the corner from the elevators.