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Every artist at the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic has in their own unique way created something to show in their space. For this Artomatic Manual Tour, we focus on those who have created handcrafted artwork — the crafters. From those who create via fabric, stitchery, jewelry or decorative painting we’ve highlighted our favorites.

  • For those looking to purchase a handcrafted purse made of non-traditional materials, stop by the installation of Caitlin Phillips (aka Rebound Designs). She is showing purses at Artomatic made upcycled from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. You can find a new purse on the 7th floor, area 2.
  • For all you knitters and knit-lovers, Rania Hassan (aka goshdarnknit) does a fabulous job of combining the art of actually knitting with paintings of said craft. See Hassan’s exhibit on the 9th floor, area 03.
  • Kimberley Bush (picture at left) creates Raku Pottery, Horsehair Pottery and Porcelain Pottery with Glass fusion. Make sure you check out her hand thrown bottle formed with Raku Clay and glazed with Gator skin. You can see her at on the 9th floor, area 11.
  • Jane G. Broaddus is a fiber artist who hails from the tradition of quilting. Her quilt ‘sandwiches’ serve as a platform to create images from materials such as paper, beads, buttons and found objects. Check out her “sandwiches” at Artomatic on the 5th floor.
  • Eileen Williams creates contemporary art from mixed media on fabric. You can find her triangle shaped series “Celebration of Women Through Faces in Fabric on the the 4th floor, area 16.
  • Pang Tubhirun (aka Pretty Little Fings) is a one-woman operation that creates adorable plushies Artomatic Manual suggests you don’t wait until the end of Artomatic to buy. Check out Pretty Little Fings at on the 4th, area 5.
  • Sean Hennessey creates concrete and glass sculptures “concerning the stages of transformation using imagery of common and slightly nostalgic items.” You can see his work at Artomatic on the 9th floor, area 3.
  • Alyson Olander, who is inspired by nature and cycles of the sun, moon and planets, makes small art quilts. You can see her two series “Full Moons” and “Water & Stones” on the 4th floor, area 10.

If you feel we’ve overlooked an Artomatic Artist please let us know by sharing with us and the rest of the Artomatic Manual readers in the comments below.