Most people, both in and out of the D.C. region are familiar with Frank Warren’s project known as PostSecret. The project could be better described as an ongoing experience for anyone who wishes to take part — as Warren accepts anonymous secrets mailed to him on postcards. These secrets later get posted online.

PostSecret made its debut about five years ago at Artomatic and Warren is returning to the event this Saturday for a special book signing of his latest book “PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God.

Warren will also be showing secrets filmed from the first night of Artomatic. See a sneak peek below courtesy of the Artomatic YouTube Channel and read on for a special interview with Warren.

What surprises you the most about the organic nature of the PostSecret community? “I have been getting about 1,000 postcards every week from around the world with extraordinary art and secrets for five years now. So it feels like I tapped into something accidentally that has been there all along. And although I have seen nearly 500,000 secrets now they still seem fresh and mysterious everyday I pull them from my mailbox.”

Tell us about your new book PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God. “The new book is a collection of never-before-seen secrets that are funny, spiritual, sexual, hopeful and shocking. No other PostSecret book has so many secrets about our hidden hopes and fears about the afterlife, God and our faiths.  For me, this feels like the most substantial of the five PostSecret books.”

You were at Artomatic capturing the secrets of Artomatic artists/guests on video last weekend. How did that go? “It is always exciting to hear people articulate secrets that have been unsaid.  I think it takes courageous self-awareness and can inspire others to look for the secrets that might be keeping them too. Artomatic always has such an energy. I don’t think there are many other places in DC where people would line up to share the hidden parts of themselves with others.”

You made your Artomatic debut about five years ago. How does it feel to be the part of the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic? “One of the reasons Artomatic is so exciting for me is how it holds on to it’s old values while getting better and bigger every year.  A lot of work goes into the event and I appreciate so much the volunteers who step up in the name of art and the dedicated leadership that makes this collective dream come true.”

Any suggestions for Artomatic Manual readers on what they should make sure to check out when they make their next visit to Artomatic? “Look for that one piece of art that makes you say, ‘I could do better than that.’ And then become part of the magic of Artomatic next year.”

Frank Warren of PostSecret will be signing his new book “PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God” Saturday, June 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. on the 7th floor.