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This year at Artomatic Samuel Scharf is taking a new approach to nature with “The Great Unwashed”. He’s recreated a tree outside of nature – a large scale installation of a sketch Scharf says he has wanted to realize for about a year now. Scharf is essentially “trying to place the trees into an art context as to reevaluate their importance in this changing ‘green’ movement.”

He explains the process: “I acquired some trees that were being cut down and wanted to recycle them per say and display them as art objects for further contemplation. I then cut them into cross sections and restacked them using obvious manmade materials to accentuate the notion that while I tried, I could never hope to recreate what nature made so effortlessly and we cut down so effortlessly. The trees are stacked in the space from floor tight to ceiling and are painted a ‘sculpture red’ paint. They are on the second floor of Artomatic and hopefully cannot be missed.”

How do you feel about taking part in the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic? “I feel highly thankful and gratified for being able to take part in such a staple in the DC art scene for the past 10 years.  I’ve personally only been here four years and this was my first attempt to place myself in Artomatic and I couldn’t be happier with the experience!  It has been a pleasure to be around so many artists with so many different styles and all working towards the same goal.”

Why should an Artomatic visitor make the special trip to visit your space? “Well if the visitor is coming to Artomatic anyway… why not see another piece of art, right?  Mostly, I’d hope the visitor would make a special trip to see my work because I put an extreme amount of effort and exertion in making this piece and I think it shows.  For working a full time job and only being able to work limited hours on the piece, 106 hours later, I feel as if I poured my soul out on that floor so that regardless of being a represented artist or not, the viewer can see that great work comes from inside the creator and must be let out at any cost possible.  Plus, I think aesthetically it’s a great piece for that space and at 8 o’clock when the suns setting in the building it’s an unintentional natural beauty taking place that I could have never expected!”

Where can we see your work next? “Actually like I said I’m a struggling working artist out of college and not quite yet in Grad school making the balance between paying bills and making work.  Though lately I’ve made a solid effort to expose myself more and the next big event will hopefully, if I get the grant, be a local artist exhibition at my home in Shaw from a DCAH grant.  The plan has to collect trash from the terrible dumping issue there and let the local artists, approx 9 right now, have their way with it and open my home up to display the work for sale with all proceeds going to the local YMCA down the street.  I’m at 1539 8th street NW (the orange door) and the opening of the event is scheduled for August 8th from 6-10.  All are welcome and whether or not I get the grant the event should go as scheduled.  Other than that, just some work here and there and I’m hopefully shooting for a show or two before the end of this year for a resume amp so that Grad school can be secured in the future.”

You can see the work of Samuel Scharf on floor 2, space 04 directly out of the elevator on the stadium side.