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Triangle Artists Group (TAG), an organization of more than 100 lesbian and gay artists from the D.C. Metro/Baltimore region, will be conducting an Artomatic tour of this year’s members. Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 3, the tour led by Mark Osele will give a rundown of the best queer art at this year’s Artomatic.

The following TAG members will be part of the tour:

  • Matt Hollis is showing his piece “BIRTH of a GALAXY” on the 9th floor.
  • Tiik Pollet, who also an award winning singer/songwriter and musician, is showing her photography, painting and drawings on the 7th floor.

  • On the 8th floor, there’s a splendid multimedia piece by Tim Tate titled “The Oracle” (see right). It’s made of blown and cast glass, electronic components and original video.
  • Ira Tattelman who Artomatic Manual previously did a Q&A with has his presentation on the 7th floor.
  • On the 6th floor you will find a stunning 3-D standalone from Peter Wood.
  • Richard Kightlinger and Fabian Rios-Rubino are showing their original works on the 4th floor
  • The original paintings from Margaret Dowell are on the 2nd floor.
  • Michael Torra is found on the 2nd floor with his take on abstract art of which he says “I’ve heard some people say that abstract and non-representational art is not accessible to those outside the cultural elite. They’re wrong of course.”
  • Original photography from Colin Winterbottom is on the 2nd floor of which he says “I welcome Artomatic as an opportunity to show types of work I might not show elsewhere”