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Vincent Gray‘s mayoral campaign launched its first radio ad of the election season, complete with the D.C. Council chairman’s “One City” slogan and stressing his education policies, including expanded pre-K programs, job training, and vocational education.

“Only one candidate for mayor has a plan to bring D.C.’s communities—east and west of the River—together, to create One City,” a woman narrator reads. Gray’s voice is not part of the radio ad.

Listen to the full ad:

According to a Gray campaign news advisory, the 60-second ad will play on “urban radio stations.” It’s unclear whether that terminology is code for stations with largely African-American audiences or simply means any station that happens to broadcast in D.C., all of which is technically an “urban” area. The campaign did not immediately return calls about the size or scope of the ad buy.

Either way, the script—with its implicit message that the incumbent mayor has helped one side of the Anacostia River more than the other—seems squarely aimed at the economically struggling black neighborhoods where Gray hopes to run up his numbers. But unlike Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s radio ads that aired on stations like WPGC-FM in June, the Gray ad does not have any distinctive go-go beats.

The mayor’s campaign also has already released television ads. No word on when or if Gray will do the same.

Full text of the radio ad appears after the jump.

Only one candidate for Mayor has a plan to bring DC’s communities—East and West of the River—together, to create One City…

Vince Gray.

As Mayor, Vince Gray will make job creation a top priority by expanding job training and vocational education programs.

A product of DC public schools, Vince Gray understands that a good education starts at an early age. That’s why as DC Council Chairman, he worked to expand pre-K programs to create 2,000 new classroom slots for 3 to 4 year olds.

And Vince Gray knows we need to reform our schools to give our young people the education they need to live, work and succeed here in the District.

And while some say our streets are safer, Vince Gray knows we can do better. There’s still too much crime and guns on our streets. Vince Gray will place more officers on foot and bike patrol.

Vince Gray will unite our city, bring jobs to the District and make our streets safer.

On September 14th, vote for character, integrity and leadership.
Vote Vince Gray for Mayor.