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Peaceoholics co-founder/go-go music empressario Ron Moten has released two new songs hyping the re-election campaign of Moten’s good buddy Adrian Fenty, DeBonis reports.

And in addition to offering musical versions of the campaign”s well-worn talking points—Fenty gets stuff done; Vincent Gray is all talk—one of the songs may go down in history as the first ever go-go tune to target Washington City Paper.

In a tune called “Don’t Leave Us, Fenty,”  MC Big Wax challenges this paper’s credibility.

“We get the real fact, no propaganda, believing in the City Paper concocts scandals.”

Moten tells LL that Wax was referring to this October 2009 cover  story written by current Washington Times reporter Jeffery Anderson. The story covers how Peaceoholics  received $10 million in city funding and basically answered to no one.

Money quote in the story from Moten:

“They don’t abdicate nothing to us. When we first went into the schools [to quell violence] they didn’t ask us to come in; we went in. The police or the mayor, they don’t tell us what to do; God tells us what to do. We don’t work for the government; the government works for us.”

Moten gave LL Big Wax’s phone number. LL will update when Big Wax accepts LL’s challenge to a rap battle.