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Folks have been tough on Mayor Adrian Fenty lately—booing him at forums (and at funerals), slapping posters mocking him up around Adams Morgan, voting against him at straw polls. At times like these, a guy needs to know he’s got a friend he can count on.

Fortunately for Fenty, he’s got Ron Moten.

Just in time for the mayoral primary, the Peaceaholics founder (whose group has reportedly received $8 million in city contracts in the last four years) has dropped a new issue of The Otherside Magazine, a publication whose chief purpose seems to be to convince people that they don’t really want to vote for Vincent Gray, after all. Take these two cartoons, featuring Gray as a friendly looking vampire:

Eat your heart out, Tom Toles! Much like the Moten-produced rap songs, these cartoons are heavy on talking points, light on any real artistic inspiration. (Though LL chuckled at the B-movie dialogue in the second one.)

Also in The Otherside is the “true story” behind the Fenty administration’s ill-fated attempt to donate a fire truck and ambulance to a resort town in the Dominican Republic. The magazine correctly points out that the Dominican Republic is on the same island as Haiti, but boldly claims that neither country has “emergency service vehicles,” and that if only the fire truck donation had gone through, the earthquake response in Haiti might have gone smoother. (LL went to Haiti in 2001 and cannot recall if he saw a firetruck or an ambulance during his visit.)

“We have seen where Haiti could have put fire truck and the ambulance to great use during the earthquake that struck its residents,” the magazine reports, not entirely grammatically.

Moten was passing out The Otherside last night at the Ward 8 forum. He says he printed up 10,000 copies.