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Good morning, sweet readers! LL saw a beaver swimming in Rock Creek today while walking his (and Kytja’s) dogs. A beaver! LL likes to think it was a sign from Eywa that she is pleased with his work. News time:

Race To The Mayoral Mansion Your Own House:Man, was there a lot of mayoral election-related news yesterday. But before LL gets to it, he has a request: How about conducting a friggin’ poll on the mayor’s race, WaPo? When was the last one you did? 2008? What are we not paying you for?!

Money Money Money: Some late night tweeters first broke the news that D.C. Council Chairman and mayoral hopeful Vincent Gray had won the money race during the last fundraising cycle by more than a two to one margin over Mayor Adrian Fenty. Gray raised $707,911 compared to Fenty’s $308,545 since June 11. Now, that’s good news for Gray, but don’t forget that Fenty has crushed any chance Gray ever had of outraising him long before Gray got in the race. As of last night, Fenty had raised $4.68 million compared to Gray’s $1.275 million. And Fenty still has about $1.3 million more than Gray in the all important “cash on hand” category. Mike DeBonis notes that Fenty has spent a “cool” million making and producing campaign ads and another $800,000 on salaries and stipends. Other neat tweet facts: Bill Clinton’s old golf partner Vernon Jordan gave $250 to Gray, while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave to Fenty.

AFTER THE JUMP: Mayor’s Race Continued; Ward 5?!; Cartoon…

More Parks Drama:LL has this story about the D.C. Council moving towards forcing Fenty frat brother Omar Karim to be more forthcoming to special investigator Robert Trout about his law firm, Liberty Law Group. Another Fenty pal, Sinclair Skinner, has also been mum about the $600,000 Liberty Law paid to Skinner’s Liberty Industries, saying those payments had nothing to do with the park contracts the council is investigating.

It’s Suing Time: The Fraternal Order of Police filed suit Tuesday against the city over a delayed FOIA request it submitted to find out how MPD and Peaceoholics work together.  “The request, filed with the Office of Chief Technology Officer, seeks all documents between Jan. 1 2007 and July 17, related to how the police department responds to requests from Peaceoholics and whether the agency uses government resources to assist the group. The request also seeks information on whether the police department has ever evaluated whether Peaceoholics is effective,” reports Tim Craig at the Post. Ron Moten, the co-founder of Peaceoholics, tells Craig the lawsuit is politically motivated, and FOP head Kris Baumann is just trying to bash Fenty around before the election. The FOP is backing Gray. Attorney General Peter Nickles tells The Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott the exact same thing. Baumann tells Klopott he’s just trying to figure out what is so great about Moten. “Ron Moten has put himself out there for Fenty,” Baumann told The Examiner. “I find it inexplicable that the mayor would not produce documents that could support Moten’s position.”

From the vault, here’s a clip from a October 2009 City Paper cover story on the Peaceoholics describing the scene after a shooting: “If you’re not familiar with Moten and his group, you’re not familiar with crime in the District. When asked who’s in charge of the scene at Alabama and Congress, an officer replies, ‘Probably that dude from Peaceoholics; he’s the big boss around here.’ Standing nearby, a police lieutenant says she has no idea what Moten is doing. “He didn’t speak to me or any of my officers,” she says.

Craig notes that the Post filed a similar FOIA in June with the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. “In 2006, DYRS had $119,000 in contracts with Peaceholics. By 2008, those contracts swelled to nearly $1 million. In 2009, DYRS had $675,000 in contracts with Peaceoholics to ‘reduce youth violence’ and enhance ‘youth’s ability to navigate day-to-day realities and environmental situations,’ according to the agency’s FOIA response.” And Klopott follows up: “But documents obtained by The Examiner show that Peaceoholics also receives cash indirectly from the agency. The nonprofit is a member of the East of the River Police Community Partnership, which received a two-year DYRS contract valued at about $3 million in 2009. It’s not clear how much of the cash landed in Peaceoholics’ hands. Moten has close ties to the Rev. Donald Isaac, who heads East of River.”

You’ve Just Been GOPED: The D.C. GOP filed a complaint with the Office of Campaign Finance that Gray ads appearing in Hill Rag don’t have the required campaign disclosure statements on them, Craig reports. More interesting than the complaint is what LL touched on in his piece about Leo Alexander, and Craig susses out in more detail: D.C. Republicans love Fenty (well, they love schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, so they like Fenty). “It’s not unusual for local GOP or Democratic committees to needle candidates in contested primaries from opposing parties. The D.C. Republican Committee, however, has been singularly focused on Gray for months. Last year, the committee filed a complaint with the Office of Campaign Finance after it was discovered Gray had used his official council stationary to solicit a donation from the D.C. Democratic State Committee. The board cleared Gray of any wrongdoing this spring, but the local GOP is appealing that decision. While he stopped short of a formal endorsement, the executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee told the Washington Post before Gray got into the race in March that the party would not be fielding a candidate this year because most city Republicans support Fenty.”

Is Your Refrigerator Running?: Late in the day, the Gray campaignputs out a release saying some rascal has hijacked their phone lines and is crank calling people and hanging up. Police said they were investigating. LL blames the phone company.

Not Good Enough!: The Post’s Ann Marimow finally gives some press to the long-neglected Ward 5 race, where the young challengers to Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. say he’s not doing enough to bring in new businesses or city money into the ward. Marimow had her work cut out for her trying to make this story exciting, as there’s a probably a reason why no one has been paying attention to it.  “His opponents in the Sept. 14 primary—Delano Hunter, a community organizer; Kenyan McDuffie, a former government lawyer; and Tracey Turner, an information technology consultant—said that Thomas has been unresponsive to those who are not politically connected and that his clashes with the administration of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) have been primarily about scoring political points. … To his supporters, Thomas is highly accessible and responsive. He stays in touch by iPad from the council dais, as well as through Facebook and the cellphone number he lists on his business card. When seniors were left without electricity after a powerful storm last month, he negotiated $39-a-night hotel rooms. He ‘tore down doors’ to make sure the city’s Water and Sewer Authority was responsive to flood victims in Bloomingdale, said John Frye, a former advisory neighborhood commissioner and labor leader who retired from the water agency in March.” Of note: “Thomas isn’t coy about his ambitions. If council member Kwame R. Brown (D) is successful in his bid to succeed Vincent C. Gray as council chairman, and a special election is held for Brown’s at-large seat, Thomas said, ‘I will consider that a very real opportunity.'”

You Left Something Out: Gay-rights advocate Lane Hudson calls out the Post editorial for not mentioning council chairman hopeful Vincent Orange‘s comments four years ago on gay marriage. “It was baffling to read The Post‘s endorsement of Vincent Orange for D.C. Council chairman [editorial, Aug. 9] and see no mention of his bigoted comments on marriage equality when he ran for mayor four years ago. Referring to his opponents in the mayoral election, Mr. Orange said, ‘I am the only one that is opposed to same-sex marriage. The other four, they say they believe in God, they go to church, but they’re also for same-sex marriage . . . . I don’t think they’re morally fit to run this city.’ Mr. Orange clarified his views when he told The Post: ‘If you believe in God, the Bible says be fruitful and multiply. I’m saying same-sex marriage is not condoned by the Bible.’ Mr. Orange did not understand the separation of church and state. Of course, since making these discriminatory statements and losing the mayoral race, Mr. Orange claims to have seen the light. He now says his views on God and church are fully compatible with gay marriage; he had a revelation while lobbying for Pepco.”

Take This Jobs Plan and Shove ItJonetta Rose Barras unloads on Gray’s economic development, calling it disingenuous and odious. “Gray has called the 14-page document ‘dynamic and far reaching.’ But in it he just regurgitates current programs and policies while proposing to expand government, establish task forces, ‘better coordinate’ existing agencies and groups, and hold summits.” 

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