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One of the D.C. local press corps’ biggest troublemakers is moving on.

The Examiner‘s uber-aggressiveand ultra-productive Bill Myers, who has been a constant thorn in the side of Mayor Adrian Fenty, Attorney General Peter Nickles, and Police Chief Cathy Lanier, is leaving the paper for greener pastures. Myers’ last day is Friday. He’ll be going to cover the FCC for Warren Communications News.

Just today, Myers co-authored the Examiner‘s cover story about a new report from the DOJ that says “the D.C. police department has lost evidence in more than 200 of its backlogged DNA rape cases.” Yeah, probably not what Fenty or Lanier want people reading right now.

Full disclosure: LL worked with Myers at the Examiner.

His departure has got to sting LL’s old paper a little. Especially since it comes on the heels of Kytja Weir, an ace transportation reporter, just starting her maternity leave. (As the song doesn’t really go, “Where have all the watchdogs gone, long time passing…”)

Anyway, LL knows that Myers has his fans and his not-so-fans, but love him or hate, go buy him a drink before he leaves.

Photo via Facebook