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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is coming to D.C. tomorrow to help support Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s re-election bid, according to a Fenty campaign source.

Bloomberg is Fenty’s “political godfather” as Colby King puts it, and Fenty has tried to style himself as D.C.’s version of MB, famously copying Bloomberg’s idea of tearing down walls in the mayor’s office to create a “bullpen.” Fenty also brought D.C. schools under the mayor’s authority, much like Bloomberg did in New York. The endorsement could help shore up one part of Fenty’s base—the good government-loving type of voters who admire the way Bloomberg has made his city’s administration work better. (But it’s not clear how much a plug from a short Jewish billionaire helps Fenty in, say, Ward 8.)

Details are still in flux, but the source says Bloomberg will be at the newly opened Carmine’s Family Style Italian Restaurant on 7th Street NW tomorrow afternoon.

Will they talk about triathlons or making billions? And will Bloomberg counsel Fenty to push for a limit on mayoral terms just so he can then push to overturn it if he wins this fall? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Photo by Ralph Alswang via Flickr/Creative Commons 2.o