Today’s Event: When it comes to Peaceoholics, Mayor Adrian Fenty ain’t sweating the details. He tells a local community organizer he’s sure Peaceoholics works because “I’ve met the kids, I mean, I don’t need any statistics.” I wonder if he’s interviewed the kids sitting in jail awaiting murder trials who’ve gone through a Peaceoholics retreat, or if he’s just meeting the kids cherry picked by Ron Moten & Co. Whatever. His answer sucks. This is the same guy who loves or used to love CapStat, who believes every teacher’s job rests with a set of test scores. And now he doesn’t need statistics? WTF.

Influence: Huge. I like Fenty. I want to vote for him because he’s such a hardass. That’s the guy’s total appeal. But his Moten love is out of control. It has blossomed into the only interesting thing about the Fenty campaign. And it’s sinking him.

Net impact: Leaning Gray.

But: Fenty believes that the city is still flush with cash. You got to love his Reaganesque optimism! When asked about Peaceoholics’ city funds, he replied: “It’s de minimis, I mean it’s so small, I can’t even believe a well-meaning person would even come close to criticizing. I bet it’s not more than $3 million, and they’ve probably done $10 million of work.”