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Be sure to read Alan Suderman‘s cover story in this week’s Washington City Paper on Mayor Adrian Fenty, which deals with what could wind up being the question of the election: “Is Adrian Fenty a jerk?

Yes, Fenty’s critics say. No, Fenty’s friends say—and besides, if he is, he’s our jerk. One set of juicy details:

Last December, according to multiple sources, Fenty kicked a trash can, slammed a door, and screamed, “I’m the fucking mayor,” after learning that some much-hated New Jersey Avenue NW billboards were being removed without his being present for a photo-op. A Fenty campaign spokesman disputes the details of that event. The mayor also got worked up when he heard that LeBron James was in town and his staff hadn’t arranged for Fenty to meet with the basketball star, according to sources.

Read the whole thing, online or in print.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery