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Breaking news: Ward 5 Democrats can’t count!

Everyone in town, including LL, reported that At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson received only 250 votes at last night’s Ward 5 straw poll, because that’s what organizers announced. Now it turns out he actually received 350 votes (though results are still unofficial).

But those 100 votes still don’t change the hilarious fact that he lost to Michael D. Brown,370 to 350. Brown is the shadow senator who voters are confusing with the current At-Large Councilmember Michael A. BrownDavid Meadows, executive director of the D.C. Democratic Party, said he thought the majority of senior citizens at last night’s forum were confused as to which Brown they were voting for.

(Not that it would help differentiating between the two, but neither Brown was a standout high school basketball player.)