What was that bomb you heard around midnight? It was the sound of Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s re-election campaign being blown up, at least if the Washington Post‘s new poll numbers are correct.

The Post has D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray up 13 points among all registered Democrats and 17 (!) points up among those likely to vote. (All: Gray 49 to Fenty 36; Likely: Gray 53 to Fenty 36. Margins of error, 4 and 5 points, respectively)

If you’re a big nerd, be sure and check out this page with all the breakdowns. One nugget LL found interesting was that it appears the Fenty campaign is outhustling the Gray campaign, but to negative effect.

Half of the registered Democrats said they’d be contacted by Team Fenty seeking support, compared to just 30 percent for Gray’s campaign. But only 34 percent of those contacted by the Green Team found it helpful, compared to 43 percent who said they were annoyed (Voters contacted by the Gray campaign were recorded as 67 percent helpful, 16 percent annoying).

The poll also confirms what we’ve known for a while: Black voters don’t like Fenty, while white voters prefer Hizonner.

If you think the poll is whack, check out the Mike DeBonis’ explanation of how the pollsters operated to try and get the most accurate sample possible.

So does the poll mean that the race is over? No. But with margins this big, expect a lot people who to start jumping on the Gray bandwagon, including those who view writing big checks to political candidates as a business investment and have only given to Fenty.

That’s enough for now, it’s Sunday and LL has a creek to go swim in and suggests you do so as well. Look for more on the polls, and LL’s take on this editorial written by Attorney General Peter Nickles the Post editorial board, later this week.