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September 1: The Undecided Meets Mendelson

Today’s Event: I talk to At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson. I am getting a little nervous about my prolonged lean toward Adrian Fenty. I need someone to convince me that Vincent Gray will make the better mayor. My respect for Mendo could not be higher. He’s as principled as any councilmember, whether  shepherding the same-sex marriage bill or taking unpopular—-yet correct—-positions against things like Fenty’s stupid anti-gang bill.

Influence: Slight. Mendelson says of Gray: “He’s a concensus builder and that’s important in government. It’s important within the government for there to be consensus, and it’s important between the government and the citizens. I don’t mean that everybody’s always happy. But there’s a value in trying to find support instead of alienating folks. Vince has roots in the city and he’s thoughtful about the issues that come before us.” This is kinda tepid even coming from Mendo.

Net impact: Lean Gray.

But:  Even more revealing is Mendelson’s admission that Fenty never called him to even ask for his support. I guess the councilmember is not on Fenty’s humility tour.