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Mayoral challenger Vincent Gray has two new ads that his campaign says will air on both network and cable TV starting this Labor Day Weekend. Looks like Gray must have plenty of cash laying around to spend on commercials when everyone’s going to be out trying to windsurf with Earl.

Says Gray strategist Mo Elleithee: “Let’s just say we’re able to run these because we exceeded our fundraising expectations, but still have a lot less money and a lot fewer ads than the Mayor.”

Anyway, to the ads.:

The first one is a warm and fuzzy with a basic message that Gray will “end the cronyism and bring our city together,” will create jobs, and is well liked by newspapers across the city  (including the Washington Post?! C’mon Gray, that’s a stretch).  “Vince Gray, he cares, he listens,” is the ad’s key line (What a rallying cry!) Watch below:

The second ad is a straight up attack on Adrian Fenty, saying his ninth-inning apology tour is B.S. This ad makes a lot of hay out of this recent Post editorial that basically says voters would be crazy for firing Fenty over his “silly fights with the D.C. Council, unnecessary government secrecy or shutting out community voices jeopardize the good work being done by his administration.”

But Gray uses the same lines in his ads and then ends with this line “We’re sorry Mayor Fenty, some things you just can’t forgive.” Yikes! That is not what LL learned at Sunday school.