WTOP’s Mark Segraves wins the early afternoon news cycle with the news that Adrian Fenty is reaching out to President Barack Obama for a last-minute endorsement.

Segraves tweets:

Fenty tells WTOP he’s called WH asking for POTUS to endorse him prior to primary. Fenty won’t say who he spoke with, but confirms request.”

Fenty says he doesn’t expect POTUS to make an appearance, but hopes for a written endorsement he can use.”

A written endorsement? Is that like the letters of recommendation high school guidance counselors crank out?

Dear D.C. Residents,

Let me be clear, I think Adrian Fenty has been a great student mayor.


Barack Obama.

An endorsement from Obama would be a huge boost for the Fenty campaign, which has struggled mightily with the city’s majority black voters. But is Obama willing to put himself out there for a guy the most recent Washington Post poll shows is 17 points behind Gray among likely voters?

LL will now start accepting bets…

UPDATE: Here’s a link to Segraves’ full story.

Photo by Pete Souza/The White House via Flickr