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DCist’s Martin Austermuhle gets to the heart of why Vincent Gray is running (hint, it has something to do with the other guy) in this must-read:

“You think Fenty would have ever apologized for anything, had be not been in a tough race? I don’t. I think what [my candidacy] has done is give a sense of hope to the people that they wouldn’t have had. I think it’s allowed for the discussion of issues that wouldn’t have been discussed. I think [Mayor Fenty] would have just waltzed into another term, and unfortunately had the impression that his behavior over the last four years was perfectly fine and that there should be more of the same,” Gray said.

“I’m not unhappy with my job; I love my job. But it came a point when I just realized that the council and other people in the city just shouldn’t have to endure four more years of this.”