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September 8: Moten Mouths Off

Today’s Event: Ron Moten really needs to shut up. Or Mayor Adrian Fenty needs to cut him from the campaign as it’s unofficial message man. In a Washington Times piece on how the candidates addressed the District’s high unemployment rate, Moten stated that the mayor has assisted ex-offenders get into GED and job-training programs. Moten tells the Times: “He meets with the guys at nighttime.”

Influence: Slight. Seriously? That’s Fenty’s strategy on unemployment? Nighttime meetings? This might have had a bigger impact on my vote if this came from anyone other than Moten. The guy has become such a windbag, it’s hard to take him seriously. (Did you see him on that horrible Fox 5 debate last night?) Maybe Fenty has done more than Moten suggests. Like over-night visits?

Net impact: Lean Gray.

But: My angst is the result of a Washington Times story that also misidentified Fenty’s car as a Mini Cooper. He drives a Smart Car. Maybe I should take this with a grain of salt.