Acting Atty. Gen. Peter Nickles
Acting Atty. Gen. Peter Nickles

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What’s this about Peter Nickles not living in the District? You may be aware of a certain creepy video (complete with heavy breathing) floating around that purports to prove that the city’s attorney general is flouting D.C.’s residency requirement by living on his idyllic horse farm in Great Falls, Va., instead of here in the city.

The anonymous stalker videotapes Nickles getting into his SUV in D.C., then cuts to a shot of the same SUV parked at his house in Virginia. The stalker then presents a list of 15 “KNOWN” nights in recent weeks where Nickles has been in Virginia instead of his apartment in the Lansburgh near Gallery Place. Of course, the video offers no proof other than one late-night video, that isn’t time-stamped, showing Nickles’ SUV parked outside the Great Falls home. Sorry anonymous videotaper, you’ll need to do better than that.

LL asked Nickles what he thought of his new friend. As you might guess, Nickles was not amused by the video (which has already been taken down from YouTube and Vimeo, but is still up on at least three other video sites),

Nickles said he’s a bona fide D.C. resident who pays taxes, gets his mail, and votes in the District. (You get one guess who he’ll vote for in the mayor’s race.) He said many of the nights the stalker cites in the video were nights Nickles was away on vacation in Maine. And Nickles, for some reason, told LL that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan now lives in his building, too.

(LL thought it would be fun to try and get Kagan to confirm that. It was not, mostly because the Supreme Court press office has no sense of humor.)

Nickles added that he thinks he knows who recorded the video—he didn’t say who—and that whoever it was had to trespass on his property to get a shot of his SUV at night.

But don’t cry for Nickles, he’s not letting a silly little stalker get him down. Just today, he fired off a terse letter to Councilmembers Yvette Alexander and Mary Cheh, saying their grumbling that Nickles is slow-walking the D.C. Auditor’s investigation of city funding for Peaceoholics is wildly misinformed.

Nickles said city staff worked extra hard to provide the auditor’s office requested documents, not the other way around.

“I find it particularly interesting that my office would be accused of delay in light of the Council Chairman’s own recent delay of several months in responding to a simple Freedom of Information Act Request by a local newspaper,” Nickles wrote in an e-mail to to LL, referencing this story in the Washington Times.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery