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Poor Vincent Gray must have steaming steam coming from his ears! For two days in a row, prominent Washington Post columnists have written things that make him angrier than anything else in the whole wide world!

Yesterday, Courtland Milloy referenced the D.C. Council Chairman’s “deliberative legislative style.” Snap! And then, today, Robert McCartney evoked Gray’s “typical deliberate way” of decision-making. Pow!

Sure, both articles were ostensibly positive pieces about the man who appears poised to dethrone incumbent mayor Adrian Fenty in next week’s Democratic primary. But if the columnists had simply read their colleague Tim Craig‘s August profile of Gray, they’d have realized the grievous errors of their ways. Here’s what Craig wrote:

In an interview, Gray said nothing makes him angrier than when he reads news accounts calling him “deliberative.”

“There is nothing that got slowed down under me,” he said. “It was done in a thoughtful way, but when you look at the accomplishments of this council, it isn’t as if it was some one-step-at-a-time and let’s take nine years to do this. . . . I prefer the term ‘thoughtful.’ “

You got that, Posties? Vince Gray may be careful, diligent, ponderous, or even thoughtful. But don’t you dare call him deliberative! Unless, that is, you want him to get angrier than he gets about anything else.