Make of this what you will: We just got a call from Adrian Fenty, who was thanking us for Washington City Paper‘s endorsement of his re-election bid.

More evidence of the mayor’s new, inclusive incarnation? A sign of desperation? Who knows. The only things we can say for sure are a) Adrian Fenty has not exactly had City Paper on his speed dial during the past four years; and b) None of the other candidates we endorsed—several of whom are generally expected to win next Tuesday—have bothered to call.

While Hizzoner was on the phone, we asked him about the day’s big campaign story: The explosive report alleging that Fenty’s campaign had offered people jobs in exchange for voting for the mayor.

“There’s only one allegation,” Fenty said. “There was absolutely no specifics whatsoever. No one has given up a van number, anything. I don’t know why they ran with it.” (In fact, there were four alleged vote-sellers, though only two are ID’d by name in this ABC7/TBD account.)

Speaking of running, we also asked Fenty whether it was true that he’ll be running a triathlon this weekend. It is! Should the folks who pumped millions into his campaign be worried about what Fenty is doing with their investments? Hizzoner says not. “The triathlon is at 6 a.m.,” he said. He predicted he’d be finished by nine. “There won’t be an hour of my day that’s not spent campaigning.”

Fenty predicted a victory—in the election, that is—though he declined to be as specific about the margin as he was in predicting his triathlon time. “Our strategy is to talk about who is the most competent to run the city,” Fenty said. “We should keep somebody in there who’s been doing a good job.”