First rule of Fenty Club: You do not talk about Fenty Club.

Second rule of Fenty Club: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FENTY CLUB.

Okay, that’s actually the second and fourth rule you’ll have to agree to if you want to work on Hizonner’s re-election campaign. And the rules are actually: “I will hold in confidence any non-public information provided to me in the course of my duties with the campaign and ensure that such information is used exclusively for purposes of the campaign,” and “I will direct any questions I receive from the media to the campaign and will not speak with members of the media unless authorized to do so by the campaign.”

Fenty flak Sean Madigan sent out the “Fenty 2010 Code of Ethical Conduct” to reporters today to try and douse this hot hot story about a young man allegedly being told he could make money working for Fenty’s campaign in exchange for his vote.

Other rules: Rule No. 1: “I will treat every person I meet with courtesy, professionalism, and respect,” Guess the mayor didn’t sign his own form, zing!

Rule No. 5: “I will not offer or provide anything of value to a person to encourage or induce that person to register to vote.” So is the joy of listening to a free go-go concert not valuable?

Rule No. 7: “I will not intimidate, threaten, or coerce a voter. I will not interfere with the process of voting in any way and I will not communicate with voters while they are in the process of voting, unless I have been specifically asked by the voter to assist him or her.” Hey, you can come help me vote for $100.

In all, there are nine rules, with the 9th rule being “I will immediately report the following to the campaign” followed by 6 situations, including “When I witness an altercation between a campaign volunteer or worker, and a volunteer or worker from another campaign.” Notice the form says “when” not “if.”

But now for the sad news: if you want a job working on Fenty’s campaign, you’re probably too late. Madigan says the demand for jobs with Team Fenty has outpaced the supply, which is no wonder considering Fenty has burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars, $100 and $50 stipends at a time.

NB: The Washington Post’s most recent poll found that those hired guns might not be helping the mayor’s cause: 43 percent of those polled who’d been contacted by the Green Team said they’d been annoyed. Sounds like some folks aren’t following rule No. 1.

LL has a request into the Gray camp to see if they have a similar code of conduct. So far, no response.