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UPDATE: Madigan confirms that Dunn has been brought on as a media consultant, but she is not making any ads for Fenty’s campaign. Fenty’s most recent campaign finance disclosure form shows that the campaign paid Dunn’s firm $14,464.25 on Sept. 2.

It’s a hot rumor, so take it with a grain of salt: Mayor Adrian Fenty, down in the polls and down on his luck in getting President Barack Obama’s endorsement, is making a last minute switch in addition to his communications strategy and has hired Obama’s former communications director Anita Dunn to create a new ad be a media consultant.

LL asked Sean Madigan, Fenty’s campaign spokesman, if the above rumor was true and got this non-denial: “I don’t know if I can confirm that or not.” Dunn couldn’t be reached for comment.

Dunn, who now works at Squier Knapp Dunn, was hired by Fenty’s School Chancellor Michelle Rhee earlier this year to help polish Rhee’s rough edges. (According to the latest polls, Rhee ought to be asking for a refund; her image with black parents is abysmal.)

Madigan did confirm that Fenty has a new ad that will be debuting soon. The campaign is expected to blanket the airways in the next four days before the election.

Why the last minute switch to addition of Dunn? Well, could be because recent poll numbers show that Fenty’s TV advertising campaign, produced by Minneapolis-based Bill Hillsman, have not been making a dent in Vincent Gray’s lead. Fenty has also got more than $800,000 left sitting around and needs to spend it somehow.