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There is a hot letter from Bill Slover, the former chairman of the Housing Authority, over at the Washington Post.

Slover, a former Fenty supporter who now backs Vincent Gray, says he’s got to set the record straight on Adrian Fenty‘s role in the parks contract mess, which is currently under investigation and involves allegations that Fenty’s fraternity friends Omar Karim and Sinclair Skinner improperly received city contracts because of their close relationship to the mayor. Fenty has denied any wrongdoing. (Read this June piece by Mike DeBonis for more background on Slover and his dismissal by Fenty.)

From the letter:

The mayor has repeatedly asserted that the contracts were awarded through an independent process. Not so. In fact, the “competitive bidding process” hinged on the decision of a five-member selection panel; three of the panel’s members were on the mayor’s staff. To top it off, the Office of the Deputy Mayor had final approval of which firm was awarded the contract. Further, the project manager’s fee was negotiated solely by the Office of the Deputy Mayor, which handed Banneker Ventures [which is owned by Karim] a flat fee of more than 9 percent of the contract value, with an additional 9 percent markup of fees charged by each subcontractor. A Post article quoted Allen Y. Lew, executive director of the D.C. public school renovation program, as calling the fee structure “outrageous.” (Typical fees for the services Banneker was to provide range from 3 to 5 percent.) Clearly, the process was anything but independent.

LL has a call to Fenty’s campaign, and will update as necessary. There’s plenty more in the letter, including Slover calling Fenty a liar for his disclosure last week at a mayoral debate that Slover was fired for not passing contracts along to the D.C. Council.