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LL was at Vincent Gray’s troop-rallying event today at Shiloh Baptist Church’s gymnasium. After all the speeches, Gray busted a move or two to the McFadden & Whitehead classic: “Ain’t no stopping us now.”  Watch:

When Gray was talking to reporters afterward, LL asked if those moves had a name. “Absolutely not,” Gray said. “I should have found somebody who could hand dance and I could have really demonstrated to people who don’t know what it is.”

The Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott then made it clear that he’s one of those people who could have benefited from such a demonstration by asking: “Do you need a partner for hand dancing?” (C’mon Freeman! Watch this.)

“Oh absolutely, that’s why it’s called hand dancing,” Gray said, grabbing Klopott’s hand and giving him more of an answer than he probably expected: “It’s very artistic, and it’s very creative. And you never see two people doing exactly the same hand dancing cause it is so innovative and creative. The way you learn though, you never look at anybody’s upper torso because you’d get very confused. Watch the lower body, the steps are very basic and then people just build on that with the turns and the twists and all that. … Go out to the Chateau on one Friday night, you will see two, three hundred people in that place and it is something to watch.”

Gray was also asked what he thought of his opponent Adrian Fenty participating in the Nation’s Triathlon tomorrow while Gray stumps at a couple churches.

Gray said that if he wins, religious leaders will find a much more welcoming administration than they have during Fenty’s term.

“I think his not going to churches tomorrow really symbolizes the way he’s behaved the last four years,” Gray said.