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It’s 6:41 a.m. Fenty is next on Morning Joe. He’s about to get asked all sorts of halfway knowledgeable questions about how this big-city mayor is way down in the polls. The chattering class suddenly gives a shit about our little mayoral primary. Why is Fenty on national television right now, instead of trying to get supporters out to the polls? Maybe his GOTV strategy is aimed at the 900 people in the country who watch Morning Joe, all of whom are D.C. voters.

And we’re back. Ugh. Connecticut Senate Race poll numbers are in! How are Mika and Joe going to transition to our big-city mayor? Why am I live-blogging this? Even the hosts look sleepy!

Fenty time!

“Mayor, what’s going on there?” Joe asks. “I heard you got high marks from just about everybody I know…What’s going on?”

Fenty: “It’s really about a lot of tough decisions I made.” He uses the same omelette line he had used at his HQ pep rally before showing up on national cable. “Folks are just unhappy about [school reform]. We can’t go back. The days when D.C.’s school were the worst in the nation… is just not acceptable.”

Mika: “Just wondering in terms of the long haul…” Asks if he’s going to switch parties.

Fenty: “Well, we’re going to win.” He refuses to answer the question. Says he’s got 13 hours of GOTV ahead of him. Brings up race-to-the-top, test scores, back to school reform (!). He does not mention any interest in a book contract on school reform should he lose today.

Mark Halperin (ugh) brings up how he lost the African American community. The African American community is referred to as a “special interest.”

Fenty: “I focused more on running the government as a private sector business.” Says he’s got a lot of healing to do. Thinks he made up a lot of ground since the last poll.

And that’s it.

Joe: “Thank you for what you’ve done for D.C.’s children.”

They think he can still run as an independent.