More and more reports are trickling in about problems with voting machines around the city this morning—and Vincent Gray isn’t happy about it.

“I am fired up about it,” he tells LL, riding around the District with the Gray convoy as the D.C. Council chairman visits polling places. The situation is teetering on the edge of “abject incompetence” by the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics, Gray says. “How do you not check everything the day before? … How many voters have we lost as a result of this incompetence?”

At Davis Elementary School—where Precinct 105, in Ward 7 near the District line, casts its ballots—about 50 people were turned away this morning, Gray aides say, either because of problems with voting equipment or because the polling place simply didn’t open. Gray is now at Precinct 104, J.C. Malle Elementary School, also in Ward 7. Aides say they’ve heard of difficulties there, too.

Gray’s lawyers have been in touch with the BOEE, and they’re mulling over what they should do about the reports.

UPDATE: Here’s video, from LL, of Gray talking about the problems: