LL just gave a talk to a group of about 20 political-activist types from North Africa and the Middle East who were town as part of a State Department “International Visitor Program.”

When they weren’t making fun of LL for how much water he was drinking (LL is still dehydrated from spending all of Tuesday with Vincent Gray) or discussing how the word “jerk” translates in Arabic, they gave LL their impressions of Adam Rubinson, Gray’s campaign manager. Rubinson met with the group about two weeks ago; an organizer said the Fenty campaign was also invited to come speak to the group but never responded. (Which is, at this point, not really a surprise, is it?)

The group said they were surprised with how confident “Mr. Adam” was that Gray was going to win, but didn’t buy any of Rubinson’s arguments that Fenty’s jerkiness should matter to voters.

“We think that Adam didn’t give good reasons,” said Mohammad A. Al-Yousifi, from Kuwait.

Insert your own Dubai joke here.