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LL knows a thing or two about coming up with phony excuses to get out of going to work. (Just kidding bosses. Ha ha!) But former D.C. Department of Human Services worker Theadus Marshall takes the art of playing hooky to a new level.

According to a memo from the city’s inspector general’s office, Marshall gave her boss “forged and fraudulent” letters from the D.C. Superior Court and the U.S. Attorney’s office saying Marshall was needed to testify in a court case back in April 2007. What!? Give Marshall props for brazenness, but LL can’t help but think that forging a letter from a prosecutor is a bad idea.

Marshall initially got three days off with paid leave, but later got caught (the IG’s letter doesn’t say how).

She’s since pled guilty to “attempted uttering,” according to the IG. Her penalty: one year probation, 40 hours of community service, six months of mandatory drug testing, and a fine of $493.30.

The IG also reported that it caught, with the help of a postal inspector and a Secret Service agent, a woman who had “fraudulently negotiated” two District checks worth $1,972.53 that were meant for foster care subsidies.