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Still Mayor Adrian Fenty and Still Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee have a goodbye letter in this Sunday’s Post. LL thinks Anita Dunn‘s staffer they did a nice job and the essay ends on a pretty classy note:

When the two of us began this journey together, we made a pact with each other. We pledged that we would always put children first and make decisions that would be in their best interest, even when—especially when—we knew it would cause consternation among adults. This pact was our true north. In many ways, it cut through the hard choices to something clear and simple: We would fight for the right of every parent to promise and give their children an excellent education. We would insist on a school system that backed up that promise. We would ensure that children received the skills and knowledge they needed to do anything they wanted in life.

[Almost Mayor Vince] Gray and his team will face many difficult choices, and no doubt some of the actions they’ll have to take—such as deciding what to do with teachers who are rated minimally effective—will stir controversy. As a community, it is our obligation to ensure that these leaders have the support they need to act courageously and aggressively. School reform will and must be driven by dedicated residents who understand the serious, long-term consequences of failing to fix the city’s foundering educational system.

This time, however, the pact cannot merely be between two people. It must be forged among an entire community. Gray and the team at DCPS can succeed if they have your support to do all that is necessary for the young people we are trusting to the schools to shape. We ask you to learn from our mistakes, stand by the commitment to continue the momentum of the past 3½ years and, most important, believe that our children are capable of blowing your minds with their achievements.

Your thoughts?