If you missed LL’s column last week, it was about Still Mayor Adrian Fenty’s campaignaidesbeing rewarded with city jobs or raises just before a hiring freeze was implemented.

Here’s some more examples: LL received payroll records Friday that show two campaign workers who left their city jobs to go campaign for Fenty received promotions and raises upon their return.

Andrew Del Junco, who served as Fenty’s Ward 3 coordinator, started working for city government last September as a $55,000-a-year “outreach and service coordinator.” He left the job in April to go work for the campaign—before being rehired by the city Sept. 28 as a $70,000-a-year “policy analyst” in the city administrator’s office.

Richard Norwood started working for the city in August 2009 as a “community service representative.” He moved up quickly to a “construction program liaison” in the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization, before leaving the $66,126-a-year job to go work on the Fenty campaign in August. After the campaign, Norwood was also promoted to a $70,000-a-year “policy analyst” position with the city administrator’s office.

And another new hire that LL didn’t get into his column was former Fenty campaign aide David Selman, who started his career in city government on Sept. 30 with a $70,269-a-year job as a “community service representative” in Serve D.C., the mayor’s office on volunteerism.

LL already said it in his column, but does a lame-duck mayor need that much help polishing his resume?