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LL readers, rejoice: City Paper is here to provide you with a recording of a robocall promoting the write-in campaign of still Mayor Adrian Fenty (of which Hizzoner has disavowed himself) that no one seems to want to take credit for.

The call begins with “George” saying he’s a registered Republican calling with a “code red alert.” The alert, it would appear, is that Almost Mayor Vince Gray would take the city back to the “old days of  D.C. government.” (Really, George, is that the best you could come up with? After a “code red,” LL was expecting something with a little more oomph.)

George says that Michelle Rhee was “forced out” and notes that organized labor leader Joslyn Williams said Republicans aren’t welcome in D.C. government.

“We can’t go back—your write-in vote will change the outcome of this election,” says George, making a promise he can’t keep.

Listen after the jump:

[audio:http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/looselips/files/2010/10/VN520085.mp3|titles=Write-In Robocall]

In other write-in news, long time Fenty fan Ellie Anderson reads Fenty’s decision not to personally ask his supporters to drop the write-in effort as tacit approval. (Fenty did release a statement Friday asking his supporters to back Gray, though.)

In her most recent mass e-mail to Fenty supporters, she writes:

If you had any doubt, Mayor Adrian Fenty made it perfectly clear, he would not ask the Write-In Campaign Leaders to STOP! “Everyone has the right to do whatever they want to,” Fenty said.

Anderson adds:

Perhaps, no other write-in-campaign, has ever made such an indisputable and public case for the worthiness of  it’s write-in candidate. We have done it with the hard work, dedicationenthusiasm and fervor that only a Grassroots Movement can generate. And don’t believe the conventional wisdom that Write-Ins don’t work! Not sure who said this but, “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”