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Ward 6 Republican Candidates Jim DeMartino must be a night owl. LL got a press release response to his column from the DeMartino campaign last night at 1:10 a.m.

“It’s disheartening that the City Paper is suggesting that my candidacy to represent Ward 6 as its Council member is founded on some “stealth” strategy concocted by the DCGOP to assist Pat [Mara] in a bid for the At-Large Council seat ,” said DeMartino. “I entered this race to ensure that school reform is continued and to bring back school choice to those parents who saw, first hand, the good the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program was doing.  I have every confidence that Pat will do a superb job on the school board and I look to working with him to continue with the much needed education reform.”  DeMartino continued, “Whatever Pat’s plans are in the future, I wish him all the success but I have no idea what those plans are and  I have only one intention, to win my election, to suggest otherwise is completely wrong.”

LL admires the pluck, still doesn’t think he has a chance.