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Ward 3 Republican candidate Dave Hedgepeth should probably feel honored that reporters are taking a closer look at his personal life. It means that Hedgepeth, who just picked up the Washington Post’s endorsement over the incumbent Mary Cheh, is worth looking into. (Faith, by comparison, likely avoids such scrutiny.)

The Post‘s Mike DeBonis reports today that Hedgepeth owes back taxes and a tax lien was filed last year because he and his wife owed the IRS nearly $13,000. DeBonis notes that the disclosure has the potential to hurt Hedgepeth’s message of fiscal responsiblity, a message he shares with the other three GOP ward candidates.

Another trait the four Republican candidates share is an insistence that they don’t fit the mold of the Republicans you see on Fox News; they’re more socially liberal, urbanist moderates. But lo and behold, LL gets a tip today that casts some doubt on just how moderate Hedgepeth’s views are.

On Hedgepeth’s personal Facebook page (as opposed to his campaign’s page), he indicates he “likes” two polarizing Republicans who probably wouldn’t do very well in Ward 3: Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin and Not-a-Witch Christine O’Donnell.

(Hedgepeth “likes” plenty of other things too, like an Italian restaurant, lots of Republicans who aren’t so polarizing, and a group called “Whole Food Republicans.”)

So, is publicly proclaiming support for two far-right national celebri-candidates a smart thing for a moderate candidate to do in a ward where Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 5 to 1?

LL doesn’t like to judge a man by his Facebook page, so he’ll just leave it at that for now. LL has a call into Hedgepeth to get a comment on his Facebook “likes” and will update as necessary.