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  • Dave Hedgepeth: Tea Party fan?
  • Gray Standing By Reuben Charles
  • Good morning sweet readers! How about those Rangers, eh? News time:

    Fiscal Responsibility This: Leading off a sloooow news day is Mike DeBonis, who discovers that Ward 3 Republican candidate Dave Hedgepeth owes back taxes. “According to a lien filed with the D.C. Recorder of Deeds in April 2009, Hedgepeth and wife Justine H. Kenin owed $12,608.13 to the Internal Revenue Service at the time. … Hedgepeth’s issues date from before the current recession. The tax bills date back to 2006 and 2007; Hedgepeth explained in an interview today that he and his wife had worked out a payment plan with the IRS but fell behind, leading to the lien. ‘We are paying what we owe,’ he said, adding he expected to have the balance clear within a year and a half.” (LL also got a tip yesterday that Hedgepeth “likes” Tea Party favs Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell on his personal Facebook page. Make of that what you will.) NB: “Should Hedgepeth win, he’d join a menagerie of politicos with various personal financial issues. Ward 8 Democrat Marion Barry and at-large independent Michael A. Brown also have outstanding federal tax bills; Barry has been subject to an ongoing criminal prosecution for unpaid income taxes. Another council member, at-large Democrat Kwame R. Brown, has been sued by creditors for nonpayment of debts.”

    Speaking of Kwame, LL got an email yesterday from his campaign saying that the almost Council Chairman has made “collecting unpaid taxes and fees a major first step in addressing the budget shortfall.” Are you snickering, sweet reader? Shame on you!

    AFTER THE JUMP: Happy Fenty; Missy Smith’s New Campaign Manager; One Bid for Monroe…

    In Other Words, Being Mayor Sucks: The Examiner’s Harry Jaffe discovers that Still Mayor Adrian Fenty has rediscovered the pep in his step and is feeling good these days. “The old Adrian is the engaging young candidate who walked our streets, won our votes and swept every precinct in the primary four years ago. He seemed to have disappeared or morphed into the imperious and secretive dude with the fake smile and the my-way-or-highway approach to leadership. Those of us who knew Fenty back in the day as the user-friendly but ambitious young politician wonder what caused the transformation. With a bit of investigation and a touch of psycho babble, I have come up with some theories. Aides who worked closely with the mayor tell me they detected a change about a year ago. None would speak on the record, of course.

    ‘He lost the sparkle in his eye,’ one says.

    ‘His enthusiasm for the job went down hill,’ another says.

    ‘He got worn down,’ a third says. ‘It hurt to get booed in Ward 8. The Sinclair Skinner investigation bothered him. He took the criticism of Peter Nickles very personally.’

    ‘We could see it seven months ago,’ one top agency director said. ‘The cabinet secretaries started talking about it.’

    My reading is that Fenty was totally unprepared for the harsh glare of public life. He thought he could be mayor and still take private vacations with his family, still bike through the streets at midday, wall off his personal life from his public side. No. Being mayor requires a lifestyle change. One surrenders to the office. Governing and leading is about opening up and accepting the role of nosy reporters, ‘usual suspects,’ even council members. Fenty shut down.”

    Jaffe ends by telling the write-in Fenty folks they should lay off, cause their candidate has already checked out. Something tells LL that is not going to happen. And besides, Jaffe’s whole point is that Fenty was checked out for a year as mayor—why would a checked-out write-in candidate bother his fans?

    Anti-Abortion Delegate Candidate Has Really Anti-Abortion Campaign Manager: TBD’s Amanda Hess reports, “Randall Terry—he of the chain yourself to the sink of an abortion clinic, declare bankruptcy to avoid making legal payments to the National Organization for Women, run for Congress under the “Right to Life Party,” hire a Bill Clinton impersonator to discredit your opponents, compare the University of Notre Dame to Judas, list your “three black foster children” on your resume, disown one for converting to Islam, disown another for becoming pregnant, disown the third for being gay, respond to George Tiller’s murder by calling Tiller a murderer style of politics—is now officially campaign manager for D.C. congressional candidate Missy Smith.”

    Kathy Patterson says she was “startled that The Post failed to endorse D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh for reelection.”

    Bruce Monroe Elementary redevelopment gets only one bid.

    Suspect caught in AU prof’s murder.

    Daily Show starts taping here.

    Gray praises new affordable housing unit in Northeast.

    Labor boss Joslyn Williams will be on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

    Mayor schedule: 2:15 p.m. EagleBank Bowl Announcement Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Hall D

    Council schedule: Committee on Aging and Community Affairs holds a hearing on the “Long-term care ombudsman act of 2010” at 11 a.m. Committee on Public Services and Community Affairs has a meeting at 2 p.m.