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  • Good morning sweet readers! Today is the day folks when all the big questions are answered: What will the D.C. Council look like with four Republicans? What’s next for Vince Gray after the Fenty write-in campaign’s almost assured victory? Can Michelle Rhee successfully run New Jersey and D.C.’s public schools at the same time? What will it be like watching TV without political ads? News time:

    My, That’s A Lot Money You Owe The City. Wanna Have a Party?: NBC 4’s Tom Sherwood strikes again, this time with the scoop that Almost Mayor Vince Gray is going to partay at the “Love” club, whose owner Marc Barnes, and his wife Ann, owe the city nearly $900,000 in business and personal taxes. “Several close associates of the Gray campaign privately worry that the financially troubled nightclub is the wrong image for Gray, who is trying to rally city ministers, community groups and business leaders to his leadership after Tuesday’s elections, Sherwood reported. According to a statement released by the Gray campaign, the presumptive mayor-elect wasn’t aware of the tax debt but expects to have a big party at Love Tuesday night.” As a funnier journalist than LL has already remarked, the Gray campaign probably had to pick Love because DC9 wasn’t available.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Royal Rumble; Fenty in 2014?: Rhee’s Last Day…

    Royal Rumble: The saga of Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.’s non-profit, “Team Thomas,” and exactly how it gets money and exactly how it spends that money, gets more interesting today. (And it’s also HTJ’s birthday today.) Attorney General Peter Nickles will be in court this morning to ask a judge to enforce a subpoena seeking Team Thomas’s financial records, the Post’s Tim Craig reports. “‘Since he is not willing to do it voluntarily or by subpoena, we now need a court order, which is extraordinary,’ Nickles said. ‘This is a very unusual situation where a council member has refused to provide a single document.’ Thomas’s attorney, Frederick D. Cooke, said he plans to fight Nickles’s subpoena, arguing that he does not have the “authority” to demand the documents from a council member. Cooke said Thomas plans to voluntarily release the information, but will not do so under pressure from Nickles. ‘If it were not for this crazy litigation, he probably would have released it today,’ Cooke said. ‘We have never said to Peter and never said to anyone else, this is not information we did not want and did not believe should be public, but we do not believe Mr. Nickles has the authority to do this.'”

    Rhee Says Goodbye: Well, it turns out Monday, and not last Friday, was Michelle Rhee‘s last day as schools chancellor. Sherwood gets the last day interview (take that, Bill Turque!) where Rhee says that she thinks she helped make “the bureaucracy” less sedentary, and thinks that Gray is in good position, with her out of the way, to continue the reform effort. Rhee’s last hurrah was a celebration at the Kennedy Center for the 600 plus “highly-effective” teachers, Turque reports.

    Fenty in 2014? The Examiner‘s Harry Jaffe, who has not taken LL on a promised no-holds-barred bender around town, laments the one-party rule in the District and has this bit of gossip: “Word in the back rooms of Upper Caucasia is that Boy Mayor Adrian is planning to spend the next few years reflecting and retooling for another mayoral run in 2014—as an adult! Wishful thinking, perhaps, but you heard it here first.” That would be something, wouldn’t it?

    Graham’s Coattails: DeBonis reports on a funny mailer in Ward 1 that said: “Dotti Love Wade urges you to re-elect Jim Graham.” Clever, Graham and Wade, clever—because it reminds people that Wade is the Democrat in the non-partisan race. As DeBonis notes: “The flier also highlights the fact that Wade is facing an energetic challenge from Patrick Mara, the 35-year-old consultant who made a splash two years ago by knocking off longtime at-large council member Carol Schwartz in the Republican primary. Mara has made a big push in the nonpartisan school board race, spending months knocking on doors and pressing flesh at community events—not to mention sending some mailers of his own. Meanwhile, Wade’s campaign has been by most accounts listless—according to the most recent finance reports, she has raised the least money of any board incumbent facing a challenger, and Mara has accused Wade, 68, of skipping campaign forums and other community events.” DeBonis also reports on last-minute lobbying on the elected AG-referendum.

    Washington Hospital Center, deathtrap?: Reports Lena Sun: “The largest nurses union in the United States asked the D.C. Health Department on Monday to investigate nurse understaffing at Washington Hospital Center that the union says is jeopardizing patient care. In a 19-page report filed with the department, National Nurses United documented 50 instances of what it described as unsafe patient care this year in all departments in the hospital. No deaths were reported. The reports describe instances of patients not receiving medication on time, newborn infants not being fed promptly and a patient who was rushed back to the operating room after the patient had stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest. The union did not know whether the patient survived.” LL is glad his baby isn’t being born there.

    Party time: Craig has a list of the locations of all the post-election bashes.

    Hundreds looking for city help with energy bills.

    TBD fact checks Taiwan cartoon of Fenty/Rhee’s legacy, says the cartoon was not 100 percent accurate. Really, TBD?

    Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta is on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

    TBD also has 6 reasons to vote in D.C. today.