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Uh-oh! LL has found another former campaign worker for Still Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s failed re-election bid  who just landed a city job—despite a hiring freeze.

LL’s already spilled ink (and bytes) on former Fenty campaign aides who got jobs working for the District just before Fenty ordered a freeze in promotions and hirings to deal with city’s crummy financial situation. Some of them, LL, noted were associates of failed dry cleaner Sinclair Skinner, Fenty’s best bud who is at the heart of the council’s investigation into alleged cronyism.

The previously mentioned campaign aides/new city employees started the jobs right before the hiring freeze (though not before everyone knew how bad the city’s finances are). But Pamela Whiting, who campaign records show worked on Fenty’s campaign for months, was hired Oct. 26, payroll records show. The hiring freeze went into effect Oct. 4. If you don’t have your calendar handy, that means she was hired three weeks after the freeze.

According to a source, Whiting’s salary is $40,000 a year (which is considerably less than what some other Fenty aides are now making in their short-lived city jobs) and her title is “clerical assistant.” Whiting works in the mayoral bullpen. When LL called for comment, her reply was, “I’m not answering any questions.”

LL also sent an e-mail to Fenty’s spokeswoman trying to get an explanation about why Whiting was hired after the hiring freeze and will update as needed.

It’s worth noting that the hiring freeze is not absolute and allows City Administrator Neil Albert to sign off on exceptions. Maybe there’s a solid case to be made that the mayor’s office really needed a new clerical assistant, but LL kinda doubts that. Fenty’s been pretty much phoning it in lately, at least as far as his (practically non-existent) public schedule is concerned. LL doesn’t begrudge Fenty for coasting, but sheesh, quit adding to the payroll!

And one more thing: Whiting’s Facebook page (or at least, LL is pretty sure it’s her page) shows that she recently changed her profile picture to a “Write Fenty In” sign, and added Sinclair Skinner as one of her friends.