Is making your boss look like a total heartless and incompetent boob a fireable offense?

That’s the question o’ the day, after news broke that Almost Mayor Vince Gray was dining at the Fourth Estate with Almost Chairman Kwame Brown instead of going to the funeral of  MPD officer Paul Dittamo, who died early Saturday morning in a car crash while on duty. (H/T to WeLoveDC for the initial report.)

Gray’s spokeswoman Doxie McCoy tells ABC7 that Gray’s staff goofed and didn’t tell him about the funeral. Ok, fair enough, but what is Gray going to do about it?

This is the third time this week the Gray camp has been caught flat-footed. First, it’s the election party at a club that’s hasn’t paid its city taxes, then there’s the disclosure that transition director Reuben Charles‘ has even more financial problems, and now this.

So, sweet readers, LL puts it to you: does someone’s head need to roll? Clumsy communications, after all, can come back to cost politicians down the line—just ask the guy Gray beat to get his next job, Still Mayor Adrian Fenty (who, by the way, did get to the funeral today).