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  • Bonus! Easy $6k for Fenty Campaign Workers
  • Gray Transition Director a Low-Budget Movie Star
  • Breaking: Peter Nickles Suing Don Peebles
  • Good morning sweet readers! Phew! LL is tired from traveling back from L.A., where he had a great time with his model rocket club. News time:

    It’s On Like Donkey Kong: Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. could probably just ignore the Washington Post editorial page, which has been digging deep into “Team Thomas,” a nonprofit that’s been alleged to be a city-funded slush fund. After all, the Post‘s endorsements in D.C. politics don’t appear to count for much these days (a question for the old timers: did they ever?), especially in Thomas’s home ward. But instead, Thomas has fired his own broadside at the Posties, saying “Team Thomas” has done nothing wrong and there will be a full accounting for the nonprofit. “I ask that The Post reciprocate and do the same: Please disclose to readers how a once highly regarded newspaper has deteriorated to the point where its editorial board will repeatedly promote an agenda against someone who did not support the Post-endorsed mayoral candidate.” Oh snap! Of course, Thomas could have just released Team Thomas’ financial records rather than writing that letter…

    AFTER THE JUMP: Voucher Push; Kill The Critters; This is How You Quit…

    Voucher Push: The Times’ Deborah Simmons reports that the incoming GOP House leadership will push to reinstate the school-voucher program in D.C. “A spokeswoman for Rep. John Kline, Minnesota Republican and likely chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, said her boss and other House leaders continue to support the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program and intend to pursue its revival. … Local school-choice advocates said Mr. Obama opened wide the door for a renewed push for vouchers when, in post-election comments last week, he said that education is one area where he and Republicans might find “potential common ground” in expanding the voucher program to aid children trapped in underperforming D.C. schools. ‘By taking action, reversing course and saving the endangered D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, President Obama will rescue the educational futures of thousands of low-income children who live just blocks from the White House,’ said former D.C. Council member Kevin P. Chavous, who advocates the three-pronged education-reform approach of public schools, public charter schools and vouchers.”

    Kill Them All: Fortunately for us all, The Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott is all over Ward 3 Mary Cheh’s effort to protect wildlife by forcing animal catchers to use “humane” traps. “The bill had a bumpy road to its unanimous passage on Tuesday. First there were concerns that it would prevent homeowners from trapping and killing mice—the bill only applies to wildlife managers, not homeowners, and they can still kill most rats and mice. Then last week, a Virginia wildlife official said the state would not accept the District’s overflow nuisance critters. On Tuesday, Cheh said the Virginia official’s concerns were ‘ridiculous’ because the bill doesn’t require captured animals to be taken to a rehabilitation center, as the Virginia official implied in a letter sent to the council. ‘You can just kill them,’ Cheh reiterated.” Wait, what? So what’s the point of the whole bill? “All the bill does is attempt to regulate a business so that it doesn’t use inhumane methods of trapping,” Cheh said. “If you understand this bill, then you shouldn’t oppose it.” And if you think the council should spend its time on more important matters, then you shouldn’t support it. Bam!

    Freeman also gets pretty saucy with this misspelled headline: “Sorry I missd your funeral, here’s a D.C. Council resolution.” Klopott was referring to the Officer Paul Dittamo, whose funeral Gray missed last Thursday.

    This Is How You Quit: WBJ‘s Michael Neibauer reports on a meeting yesterday with top Fenty folks on the mechanics of them resigning. “Former MayorAnthony Williamspaid out more than $500,000 in bonuses to 28 top aides in the months just before and after he left office — a decision later panned by the D.C. Auditor. A top Fenty aide said the administration is ‘very sensitive’ about the topic, and it ‘won’t be like before.’ Officials at the briefing included Chief Procurement OfficerDavid Gragan, Chief Technology OfficerBryan Sivak, Consumer and Regulatory Affiars DirectorLinda Argo, Planning DirectorHarriet Tregoning, Health DirectorPierre Vigilance, Public Works DirectorBill Howland, Taxicab Commission ChairmanLeon Swain, and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic DevelopmentValerie Santos. ‘This is depressing,’ one participant said in the hallway. Another described her last months on the job like the end of a college career: ‘What am I going to do now that the training is over?'” … The incomingVincent Grayadministration … will decide who, if anybody, to retain by Dec. 15.”

    Gray was scheduled to meet with Fenty over budget plan, says fiscal situation looks “grim.”

    Council gives preliminary approval to limiting health insurance premium increases.

    Groundbreaking today for Convention Center hotel. Will be finished in 2014, just in time for Fenty’s political comeback.

    900 folks volunteer for Gray’s transition team. 900 also wouldn’t say no if offered a job.

    NYC schools boss Joel Klein, the dude who got Michelle Rhee her job, is going to work for billionaire tyrant and skybox owner Rupert Murdoch. Rhee says the rumors that she was offered the chance to replace Klein are not true, this despite how bad Murdoch’s own New York Post wanted her to have the job.

    Gray needs help with plaque.

    Jonetta is not impressed with Kwame Brown‘s transition team, says it’s “hard to fathom innovation” coming from team members who “have been around the block a few times and inside city hall for decades, trying to influence people and policies.”

    Arts district’s birth nearing completion.

    Muriel Bowser gets bill passed that would require “mediation between a lender and the person about to be foreclosed upon.”

    Mayor: Groundbreaking at 11 a.m., 9th and Mass.

    Council hearing on Title IX at noon.