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  • Nickles to Thomas: Pay Up!
  • Good morning sweet readers! Congratulations to Chuck Brown for nabbing a Grammy nomination. News time:

    The Kids Are Alright: Students at American University have put out a nifty web thingy called “A City Divided.” They do a nice job of talking to “real” people about some of the issues we saw flare up this past election season. And of course, no journalism school project would be complete without a visit to barbershops. Check it out.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Rhee to Florida; Saunders is Not Shy; Wanted: Dead Bodies …

    Where the Orange Juice Flows Like Wine: Former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is off to sunny Florida to help the incoming Republican governor’s transition. That moves got some speculating, reports the Miami Herald, that Rhee will be Rick Scott’s education commissioner.  Rhee’s flack says Rhee is still exploring her options and hasn’t made any decisions.

    Nathan Saunders is Not Shy: “I’ve got more skills to solve problems than practically any president that’s ever run WTU,” is what new Washington Teachers Union President Nathan Saunders tells Bill Turque. Turque posts an interesting interview with Saunders, who says his victory is not a setback. “My election indicates that WTU will be up and running and fully functioning and contributing to real public school dialogue and success. … Now if you don’t want any community input and you don’t want any teacher input, then [my election] could be viewed as a negative.” Here’s Saunders in the Times: “During the Michelle Rhee and Adrian Fenty administrations, WTU was not a real partner, but treated like a red-headed stepchild … It’s not always in the best interests of our membership to do something that is politically expedient. The trend in the U.S. is less job security. I’m moving in the opposite direction. … My job is to protect members.”

    Umm, That’s Nice: Almost Mayor Vince Gray has been meeting with councilmembers to make them feel that their opinions matter about the budget, reports the Examiner. Nevermind that he’ll send them his version of the budget at 3 a.m. on Tuesday, and they’ll not only vote for it, but they’ll like it to.

    Tommy Wells wants to fine you $1,o00 for not letting a stranger park his bike in your living room. LL made the b-roll bike locking footage.

    Police Chief Cathy Lanier wants to stay put, is highest paid city employee.

    Did the Council just kill the planned Adams Morgan Hotel?

    Tom Toles lets Obama have it over Gray lunch.

    Southwest Waterfront: a primer.

    In WBJ, Michael Neibauer reports that the D.C. Board of Funeral Directors is looking to buy three dead bodies for $1,500 a piece to use in its licensing exam.

    Why are there speed cameras in a construction zone when there’s no construction going on?

    So, your drinking water probably isn’t so bad after all.

    Does job training work?

    Jaffe says that if the developers who are giving big bucks to Gray’s transition wind up getting deals with the city, then we’ll know pay-to-play politics is alive and well in D.C.

    Evans was just kidding about building the Skins a new stadium.

    Old Height Act economic study.

    Schools boss Kaya Henderson: I’m not anti-union, I’m friends with union folks. Some of them even came to by birthday.

    D.C. District Court nominees stuck in “log jam.”

    Fenty: No Public Schedule

    Council: Public Works and Transportation Committee works on bike parking and streetcar bills.

    Gray: Receptions at 6:30 p.m. at 19th St Baptist Church. 7:30 Washington Hilton.