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Yesterday was the deadline for interested Democrats who want to be appointed temporarily to Almost Council Chairman Kwame Brown‘s at-large seat to submit 1,000 signatures to the Democratic State Committee. LL noted that 11 Dems picked up petition packets. Only eight bothered to submit signatures.

They are, drumroll please:

Sekou Biddle—Ward 4 State Board of Education member
Dorothy Douglas—Ward 7 State Board of Education member; lost council chairman race
Calvin Gurley—Failed candidate for Council chairman
Stanley (Stan) Mayes—DCDSC Ward 1 committee member
Vincent Orange—Former Ward 5 councilmember; lost council chairman race
Kelvin Robinson—Former  chief of staff to Anthony Williams; lost Ward 6 primary race
Stephen A. Slaughter—Ward 8 ANC commissioner
Saul Solorzano—Executive director, Central American Resources

Ward 8 Democrats president Jacque Pattersontells LL he’s decided to focus on the general election and forgo the appointment process. Patterson seemed to be one of the stronger candidates who might have had a chance to beat possible front-runner Vincent Orange.

Says Patterson: “It’s anybody’s race. … I’ll see the person who makes it out of the preseason in the playoffs.”

Next up: A Dec. 16 candidate forum.

“It is anybody’s race.” “I’ll see the person who makes it out of the preseason in the playoffs.”