The Post is reporting that Almost Mayor Vince Gray‘s new chief of staff will be Gerri Mason Hall, a former executive at Amtrak and friend of Gray’s transition chairwoman Lorraine Green.

To the court records! Uh-oh, looks like Hall has a 20-year-old speeding ticket in Montgomery County she didn’t pay.

Court records show Hall was caught going 58 in a 35 on Aug. 15, 1990. The records also show that Hall never paid the $105 ticket!

Rest assured, LL will get comment from Hall at the upcoming presser.

Update: Hall tells LL she was unaware of any unpaid ticket and isn’t sure the court records are accurate.

One More Update: Just so we are clear, LL doesn’t really care about Hall’s unpaid ticket. Also, full disclosure: LL has an unpaid ticket in New Zealand that he never plans to pay, because he never plans to go back to that rotten little country.