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Allen “git-r-done” Lew, who—barehanded—remodeled the city’s schools after building the baseball stadium, the convention center, and a reputation for getting massive projects done on time and on budget, has just been handed the keys to the kingdom. Lew will be Almost Mayor Vince Gray‘s city administrator, responsible for making sure “the trains run on time,” as Gray put it.

In brief comments today at a news conference at the Reeves Center, Lew sounded a lot like what his soon-to-be former boss, Still Mayor Adrian Fenty, sounded like on the campaign trail not so long ago.

“I like lean operations, I like efficient operations, I like thin bureaucracies,” said Lew. “We’re going to be looking to establish performance standards, I subscribe to a performance relationship with staff, and with contractors and with everyone. We’ll be driven by results.”

On second thought, he sounds more like former schools boss Michelle Rhee, which is probably why NBC 4’s Tom Sherwood was jokingly calling him “the male Michelle Rhee” at the news conference.

Regardless of who he sounds like, Gray probably could have done a lot worse than making a hardass with a strong track record his CA.

But if the wheels fall off for some reason, LL wants to get on record that Lew said he and Gray plan on “having some fun.”

Gray also named Gerri Mason Hall, a senior V.P. of H.R. at Sodexo, as his new chief of staff. Hall worked under Gray’s confidant Lorraine Green, first at the D.C. Office of Personnel and then at Amtrak.