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In last week’s column, LL mentioned that the second most interesting battle over committee chairmanships is Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells‘ effort to supplant Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham as the infallible leader of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation.

Deciding between the two is Almost Council Chairman Kwame Brown, who has been mum so far on committee chairmanship picks.

But an eagle-eared tipster caught what might be a clue to Brown’s leanings from last week’s marathon legislative meeting. During the council’s discussion on open meetings legislation, Brown said the following (or at least, this is what the tipster says Brown said; LL is having technical problems getting the council’s video to load):

“…a perfect example is the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, if, in fact, Councilmember Mendelson and Councilmember Wells were—we were at a meeting together at the Council of Governments and Councilmember Wells chaired the Committee on Public Works and the Department of Transportation, and he… we wanted to talk about a matter regarding public works, we are unable to have that conversation right after the meeting.”

Whoa, interesting hypothetical there, Kwame.

The tipster also noted that Brown called Graham a “champion of human services” earlier in the 300-hour long hearing. Wells is currently the chairman of the Committee on Human Services. Is Brown planning an even swap between Wells and Graham?

Stay tuned for more guessing based on random statements made by Kwame Brown!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery