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Rex Grossman, Redskins savior?

Redskins fans, do you think the team has lost its mind benching quarterback Donovan McNabb in favor of the hapless Rex “Sexy Rexy” Grossman? Well, so does your next mayor.

After a news conference today where Almost Mayor Vince Gray introduced some new appointees to his administration, he was asked by reporters what he thought of the Skins’ decision. Gray did not hold back:

“How do you sign a guy for five years for what, almost a $50 million contract and then sit him down—for Rex Grossman? Ha, ha. Rex Grossman is gonna start? Did you see his one play!? He was the baloney in a sandwich, and…” At this point, Gray stumbled over his words trying to describe the folly involved when McNabb was benched during the last minutes of a game against Detroit, and Grossman fumbled the game away in his first play. “You got me going, guys—the Redskins still had a chance to win that game!”

Gray doesn’t think Grossman is all bad: “Rex was a great college quarterback, okay—I’ll leave it at that.”

In a somewhat interesting twist, Gray said McNabb’s father, Sam McNabb, had dropped by his office to say hi and to promote his charity work. Gray said Sam McNabb recently called to follow up, and Gray had planned on calling him back. “I’m gonna call him back today,” Gray said with a chuckle.

When pressed on how Gray feels about the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, Gray went back from being a fan to a politician.

“I’m not going to comment on his stewardship,” Gray said. LL asked him to comment not as the mayor-elect, but as the “huge fan” he says he is. But Gray saw right through that one: “Yeah right, I’m just an average guy walking down the street, right?”

Too bad for Gray Snyder (a Maryland resident) can’t vote in the District’s 2014 election!

Photo by steve-and-diane via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0