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  • Good morning sweet readers! How about an abbreviated LL daily for the eight of you who are actually at work today? News time:

    T.M.I.: Almost Mayor Vince Gray is cheating on his first love—work—with a woman. And not just any woman, but the lovely Linda Mercado Greene, who was once Marion Barry‘s council chief of staff. Credit WUSA9’s Bruce Johnson for sort of first breaking the news via Twitter. Fun fact: Greene once dated the singer Lou Rawls. For more tidbits, see this old City Paper entry in which some trouble-making reporters obtained her e-mails when she was working for Barry. More recently, she resigned from her position as an adviser on Vincent Orange‘s council chairman bid because her former husband, Duke Greene, asked her how she could work on a campaign against Kwame Brown, who has been like a son to her.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Picks Galore, Lots of Interest in At-Large Race; Another Lawsuit…

    Picky Picky Picky: Gray named some more picks for his administration, and Brown named his picks for committee chairmanships. By far the more interesting story is Brown’s, in which he made winners out of CMs Tommy Wells and Harry Thomas Jr. The Post provides conflicting accounts of how Barry reacted to receiving the news that he’ll be the chairman of the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs, instead of the Committee on Human Services, which he wanted. “According to council sources, Barry stormed out of the John A. Wilson Building this afternoon, furious that he did not receive the Human Services chairmanship. In an interview, Barry said he had lobbied to head up the Human Services Committee but is happy with his new assignment. He also noted that he will be returning as a member of the Finance and Revenue Committee, a position he was stripped of last year. ‘Politically, I’m stronger now than ever before,’ Barry said.” Except maybe when you were mayor?

    For more in Gray’s picks, see here and here. And no, Gray did not make interim Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson his permanent schools boss. Yet.

    It’s Official: Fenty diehard Josh Lopez is running for the at-large seat. Apparently, DDOT’s Scott Kubly is also thinking of running. And CM Michael A. Brown is still eying Kwame Brown’s at-large seat. The dude must really want a (D) after his name.

    District is set to be sued over its care of the disabled. “More than 500 disabled D.C. residents are confined to nursing homes against their wishes because the city has not provided services that would allow them to live independently, according to a lawsuit that disability rights advocates plan to file Thursday in federal court.”

    MPD Chief Cathy Lanier: Assistant Chief Diane Groomes didn’t help others cheat after all. Fishy!

    There sure is a lot of smoke but no fire in this story about Fenty taking $495,000 out of the Department of Employment Services to use for separation pay for his employees. “The bottom line is that no funds will be redirected from job training to cover costs for severance pay,” says Fenty spokeswoman Mafara Hobson, countering claims that CM’s Brown and Brown have made.

    That’s it, LL’s done. Have a happy holidays.