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Good morning sweet readers. Since your normal Loose Lips, Alan Suderman, is busy being a new dad, and everyone else in the Washington City Paper office seems to be cashing in unused personal days, management has brought me (Michael E. Grass) in to cull your daily dose of local District politics. First off, I’m happy to announce that Dean Alan Suderman was born late last night and he’s already outgrown the Marion Barry babywear the newsroom made for him. Congrats all around to the Sudermans!

Here’s your Loose Lips Daily. Let’s get to it.

Do You Have That Inaugural Feeling?: In The Washington Post, Nikita Stewart previews Sunday’s inauguration of Almost Mayor Vince Gray at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Tickets are being given away. The theme is “One City,” naturally. Transition chairwoman Lorraine Green tells Stewart that everyone will be “praying together, moving forward together and celebrating together.” Lots of togetherness! Eat it all up, here.

Geez, there’s really nothing much else in today’s Post Metro section worth noting for District politics geeks. The editors even have Mike DeBonis off reporting on Prince George’s County! But if you get all warm and fuzzy when you see photos of cheetah cubs, you won’t be disappointed!

AFTER THE JUMP: Cathy Lanier Is Too Busy for Cinema, Local GOP Loves Jonetta, Examiner Boils Bikers’ Blood and Much More!

Overworked Cathy: So screw today’s Metro section. But if you scan the back page of Style, which features 25 “notable” Washingtonians picking 2010’s best in arts and culture, you might get the impression that Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier is too busy to enjoy a fulfilling personal life out of the office: “I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie or a play. I don’t have time to watch TV or movies.”

Hey Chief Lanier: Perhaps during the Gray administration, you can secretly sneak off with the mayor to catch a movie at Gallery Place? Call it a teambuilding event!

Republican Salute: In her Examiner column, Jonetta Rose Barras showers the D.C. Republican Committee with plaudits for its efforts in 2010. “[T]he 100-member DCRC, headed by Robert Kabel, proved a scrappy fighter, willing to challenge an entrenched political bureaucracy and the sometimes corrupt culture advanced by the D.C. Democratic State Committee.” The local GOP, meanwhile, seems all giddy.

Stand Strong, D.C.Breaking news from Capitol Hill! D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton says “the District’s elected officials in particular need to be aggressive to prevent House Republicans from moving to overturn city laws and otherwise meddle in city affairs.” More from WAMU-FM.

Examiner Boils Bicyclists’ Blood: Tuesday’s article by the Examiner‘s Haley Peterson about merchant anger over DDOT’s new bike lanes on 15th Street NW has poked the spokes of the local bicycling community. The Washington Area Bicycling Association sent an letter to the Examiner— whose newsroom is also located on 15th Street!—and deconstructs Peterson’s article point by point. For starters, “bike lane” is not the precise term for the 15th Street bike “facility” (it’s a “cycle track“) and WABA says the Examiner “never ask[ed] these business interests why they did not raise these concerns with DDOT during the extensive planning of the bike facility, or with downtown commercial property owners and the Downtown DC BID, who ‘helped plan the lanes.'”

DeBonis tweets: “Does critical Examiner cycletrack story = obsessive WaTimes coverage of NY Ave speed cams?” More importantly, your substitute LL wonders: Will Gary Imhoff throw in his two cents worth in the next edition of themail? Stay tuned!

Sexual Assault Spike:Speaking of the Examiner, Freeman Klopott reports that “number of serious sex assaults in the District skyrocketed nearly 50 percent this year compared with 2009, according to internal police statistics.”

Briefly noted …

Tim Craig reports that Ward 8 is excited for the new mayor, but according to ANC Commissioner Mary Cuthbert, “we don’t need no bicycle lanes.”

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans has many more constituents than he did a decade ago.

Lydia DePillis notes that Walmart is a tricky issue for Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser. And on a related front, Jaime Fearer of the District Curmudgeon and Greater Greater Washington scolds Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., who is poised to take over the Committee on Economic Development in the news year, for having a spotty development record in his ward.

Trouble in the Palisades: “Our house burned because of Pepco; I don’t hesitate saying that.

Metro will host a public meeting on its controversial bag searches.